Legend of the Seven Bloody Torturers

Review Quotes

“Unexpected . . . good performances and a good punchline”
– Liz Braun, The Toronto Sun

“A great stylistic short that hits all the right visual cues of the classic monster flicks complete with an ironic tone”
– James King, Broken Pencil Magazine

“A black comedic piece with some really good acting”
– Quiet Earth

“A short but potent comedic sketch”
– Videoscope

“Style runs strong in this black and white short that brings a comedic result to the red tape of torture.”
– Movie Moxie

“Quite funny”
– The Film Reel

“I really enjoyed this short because it reminded me of Orson Welles’s The Trial as well as Terry Gilliam’s Brazil – both films criticizing the bureaucratic process.”
– Sharp Objex

“Droll and acerbic . . . its biting humour and absurdity hit the bull’s eye”
– Horreur.com

“A hilarious short”
– 10 Movies to see Before you Die


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